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group command in the bash shell

this is how I type the group command in the bash shell:
group 1 2 3 4

It works with no problem, but when I type it in the output of find, it shows:
find: invalid predicate `group’



In order for a command to be available in the shell, it needs to be in $PATH. group is not a shell builtin, so I suspect you need to put it in PATH. Alternatively, you can specify all the commands you want to run with -c. For example:
$ find. -type f -print0 | xargs -0 -t -t -t -c ‘echo group 1 2 3 4’

from the coming,-from-gone dept

There’s probably little question that (these days at least) the left has a fairly narrow range of thinkers: mainly people who have a massive inferiority complex in relation to conservatives, and people who are active members of the privileged classes in society and who have no interest in the real world, in general. The latter are in turn completely unaware of those with a different position, in the world, in the life. The latter is almost never true of those, on the left, who have an interest in the real world and are interested in having a society that is good for the most people, and not just for the privileged members of the circle they live in.

So, what the left really needs, at the moment, is a Karl Popper. But, there are no more than a few of them in the world — and the ones on the left are generally academic types — so it’s up to the center and the right to defend them.

Separating left and right is a bit trickier than the usual left vs right thing, because many of the “right” voices on the right are much more conservative than the right in general. On some issues, this makes sense. There are a lot of libertarians who are

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