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I can not get any sound from my amarok, bcoz it starts up and stops on its own (strange it never used to do this before) I have replaced the battery and when I run the jukebox it plays the “playlist” but nothing else, I have downloaded the latest version of amarok from sourceforge.

I’m not sure what sound server it is using but I believe it is 0.8.2 as I have a custom install and it should be the latest. Any ideas how to fix it would be greatly appreciated. I have also tried to purge amarok from the system but I received an error saying that the package couldn’t be opened or that amarok was not available.

It crashes when I try to sync with a contact, it says ‘Connection timed out’ and I checked the port it was running on and it was shut down. I also tried to quit it from the tray icon and I get the error ‘amarok cannot be started because amarok is not installed or amarok4 is not compatible with this version of KDE” when I try and run amarok4.

Maybe if you can tell me what audio server it is I can give you more information or what options to install. I can’t install it by running the setup under windows as it always crashes.

Thanks for any help, it has been driving me crazy.

This is the error I am getting now after updating the packages. It just states the error and my username. It doesn’t say anything about a port for the error.

I am able to run amarok from the command line and I can run it from the gnome run dialog so it seems to be something in X (kde4). Maybe somebody can take a look at this, I have no idea how to go about this, but what I was looking for was a port of the amar

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