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Super Hide IP V3.5.8.6 Incl Patch

What is Super Hide IP?.. It is a personal software solution designed to conceal your IP address. It makes. Whether you are at work, at home, at school or in a public place, this .
10. Application Features:.. With the Super Hide IP Service you can hide your IP address from your.. However, once a security bug is fixed, its information is not affected in any way.
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Create user account at the bottom right corner. “SUPER HIDE IP” can help you to hide your IP address. There is no need to access any online. It is a tiny software that shows your real ip when you need.
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On the System menu, click Run → Open → C: → Program Files (x86) → soft4fun ( 6 – First released 21.03.2007 ), if it does not automatically open, right click on it and click Open.
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