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Helen Wilson (born 1945) is a Zimbabwean sculptor.

Early life
Wilson was born in Nhandu, in the aftermath of the first Chimurenga (Rhodesian Bush War) in 1956, in the southern African state of Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe). As a child she would spend time with her father, a drummer for the Copperbelt Ensemble, who toured around the country with many of the war’s heroes, including Robert Mugabe.

Wilson attended the University of Natal in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, to study Fine Art in 1967. Although she was supported by her father, her family could not afford to pay for a further education and she was forced to work in the menial areas, such as the kitchen and laundry, to save money and support herself.

In 1970, Wilson returned to Rhodesia and was ‘adopted’ by Nyerere Mamba, who was to become her husband and later president of the country. Her first individual exhibition was in Lusaka, Zambia, in 1972. Her work, mostly a response to the social and political situation in the area, was described as “angelic, introspective and

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Wake me up when I’m smarter… What can anyone say about this crowd? There’s one thing for sure.

By a vote of 27-3, the Denver City Council on Thursday approved $16.7 million in next year’s budget to renovate the iconic Pepsi Center to convert it into an indoor sports and entertainment arena.

The Denver City Council heard from more than 20 speakers this week in support of or against the proposed $16.7 million renovation of the Pepsi Center for an indoor sports arena.

The proposal, which will be funded in large part by a loan from the city’s Enterprise Center, is expected to boost the annual income of the center by around $1 million.

Council members were expected to go into a closed session before the vote to discuss the matter with Mayor John Hickenlooper and his staff.

“I would hope that you would then do what we all need to do as a government and that is to consider this project in a thoughtful and open manner to everyone,” said Councilman Charlie Brown, who has consistently opposed the project. “We should have very public hearings for all sides of this debate.”

The city’s new economic development director, John Carmichael, said the $16.7 million request is minimal and that city officials hope to receive more federal dollars when the arena is given to the city for demolition.

Jeff Golleske, general manager of the team that rents out the center, said the Pepsi Center has been receiving a steady flow of business and that the money from the renovation would “keep us afloat.”

The Pepsi Center’s current renovation, completed in 2001, cost $30 million.

According to the Denver Coliseum & Sports Authority, the project would be funded entirely by loan payments to be paid out over the next 30 years.

The city has previously estimated the renovation will cost $30 million. The number is based on the fact that the Denver Center for the Performing Arts was redesigned between 2001 and 2004, leaving it with a value of $30 million. The Pepsi Center contains a number of the same types of construction costs as the Denver Center, such as curtain walls, electrical