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What is Sync?


How to Sync Games between Multiple Devices using Windows?

The Steam Community Choice Awards 2012 nominations are now live, and unlike previous years the nominees include a number of non-PC games. The list has also been expanded to include both PC and non-PC games from all genres, whilst no subscription is necessary to nominate. The inclusion of non-PC titles will be especially interesting to see, as the nominations so far look like a strong set of games with their release dates taken into account, although it is always likely that some key games have not made it onto the list. Full review .

This fantastic new release from Sennheiser brings wireless performance and a host of new features to their top of the line the HD 586 wireless headphones. Some of the key features and benefits include smartly designed ergonomic ear cups, a built-in portable battery that can hold 3 hours of continuous playback time, around 2 hours of talk time, a… .

Since the launch of iOS 7 in September of last year we have had a slew of device makers start rolling out beta updates that bring the latest and greatest goodies to users. One of the most notable updates to the operating system is the switch to the iPad-based operating system iOS 8. With that said Apple revealed one of the new major features coming to iOS 8, and it’s a feature that will make iPad users’ lives much easier. .

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