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Increasingly, they are targeted as a safety device that can aid in profiling suspects, record their activities, and track their whereabouts. Although some jurisdictions, like New York City, prohibit police officers from tracking the location of citizens via cellphones, many others are less concerned.
Even when a cell phone is confiscated, police can’t always be sure whether it is carrying tracking software because their information. In fact, in 2011, police in the United Kingdom put a tracking device on a suspect’s vehicle; they were more curious to see what the tracking device would tell them about his location.
While the findings are not new, there are two reasons to make people aware of the risks. First, policy makers and privacy advocates have been concerned that police might use cellphones to track the location of people, and as a consequence, these technologies raise a set of privacy concerns.
Second, because smartphones carry a wealth of personal information, it is unclear what the right balance is between protecting people’s privacy and helping police to do their jobs.
Read the full story at Science Daily.

Crime rates of major cities around the world are widely known to be £exy£. £tailing£ adds that while the UK is generally one of the safest places to be, the Risk of being a victim of crime in the UK has remained at the same level for the past 5£. £tailing£ says that the fact that UK citizens are less likely to be a victim of crime than their European counterparts, is despite them being a good deal less likely to commit crime than the average European citizen.
£tailing£ believes that the reasons for this could be that there is less incentive for white collar criminals to commit crime within the UK than in the rest of the European Union, due to a weaker belief in the legitimacy of the UK Government, and less connex

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Risk 2

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