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Proving the result of $F=-G$

I have this question with me:
Let $F(s)$ be a complex analytic function which is defined in a neighborhood of $s=0$ and let $G(s)$ be a complex analytic function which is defined in a neighborhood of $s=0$ and $F'(s)=-G(s)$. Show that the function $F(s)-G(s)$ is a constant
My idea was to show, that $F(s)-G(s)=k$ for $kin mathbb R$ and deduce the result from that.
I don’t know what to do here. If anyone knows how to solve this, please respond.


It is always possible to find a neighborhood where both $F'(s)$ and $-G(s)$ are defined, i.e., where $F(s)$ and $G(s)$ are both defined. The condition can therefore be restated as follows: there exists a neighborhood where $F(s)$ and $-G(s)$ are defined and they are equal. Since $F(0)=0$ and $-G(0)=0$, you know that there exists such a neighborhood. Since both $F(s)$ and $-G(s)$ are analytic, the derivatives agree on the

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The Kewalo Basin, along with the other Hawaiian Basin, contains almost the entirety of the Pacific Plate’s subducting portion, between the crust of the Pacific Plate and the accreted portion of the microplate located to the east of the basin. The largest land mass in the basin is a volcanic island known as Loa.

The Kewalo Basin contains a number of active volcanoes, several of which have erupted in the 20th century. Most notably, the Kilauea volcano, which last erupted in 1983, is the youngest volcano in the Kewalo Basin and stands by itself, as it is not located on another island.

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Category:Volcanic basins of the Pacific Ocean”Emma” Jonathan Flynn

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