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404 Not Found – Django 1.3

I have been googling around all day and found nothing. I also tried Django 1.3 tutorial, but it only works with Django 1.2 (
I’m using Windows Server 2008 and IIS 7.5 and when I run the Django server and browse to localhost:8000/ I get the following:
Page not found
[12/Sep/2012 14:40:29] “GET / HTTP/1.1” 404 –
How should I go about fixing this?


It could be that you have one of two things set incorrectly:

The base URL
The Django “web” URL

For example, if you don’t start your DJango project with the directory containing your “index.html” in the right place, you can configure all sorts of things in your project, like the base URL, URLs, settings and what not, and it still won’t work.
Try changing the base URL in your project’s If you don’t know what to do with Django, watch this video:
Django first steps


retrieving data from two tables in mysql

It might seem simple to most of you but unfortunately I am new to MySQL so please bear with me.
I am trying to retrieve data from two tables. I am using PHP.
I have looked at many places but have not found the solution.
in my second table(items) there are product categories which have been added by the user. I wanted to retrieve the category names and the products in that category using the product id from first table(products).
Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.


Try the following:
FROM products p
JOIN categories c ON p.category_id =

This will give you a list of products for each category.


MVC3 view model class always returning null

I’m new to MVC so be nice.
I have a view model class that contains a collection of test models. The