by jasroma
Published: September 11, 2022 (3 weeks ago)

Pirox Fishbot 3.3.5a

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Pirox Fishbot 3.3.5a


Our bot is currently undetected and is unrestricted.
Please use the official WoW command window to play WoW with our bot.
Cookie/Tracking protection enabled.
If you are still curious for specific information about our bot, it is possible to enable UPNP detection (well known for your IP) by adding /bump_scan to the command line when checking the status.


This bot is played by me in a private game on a private realm. The real myrenaau that plays WoW is exclusively dedicated to creating this bot. I do not take any responsibility for any damage a player does as a result of using this bot, unless the player acted against the ToS.

I have no other intention than playing WoW. Any information found in this post should be considered a courtesy. I do not claim any knowledge of how the official WoW client works or how it can be exploited. This bot is also played on a different server than the client. The connection does not affect the gameplay of the bot.

The only reason why it needs to be updated is because the official bot seems to have become unable to play our particular realm, which resulted in the bot being unable to update it’s information.

The bot can be used on any server it is compatible with without using cheat or hack.

The bot is programmed as a warlock. It uses my libraries.

The bot is currently running on an Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU 760 @ 2.8GHz (with the cheats)

What is the difference between “!roll” and “!roll-2”?
And the difference between “!roll 1” and “!roll 1-2”?
Do you know why I get a offline message about “Ice Coil” when I use the 1st, and not the 2nd one? I wanted to un-patch the roll, so that I can roll as a warlock. But I have an offline message when I don’t roll. I would like to know why.

In the bot’s info button there is a symbol of a cloak, does this mean that I can’t use it in my server?
And if I can’t, is it possible to fix it without hacking?

I’m using the bot on my server and have no addon, that’s why I can’t be offline when the bot is turned on.

World of Warcraft Addon PiroX Fishbot v3.3.5a
PiroX is a simple addon made to allow you to fish in dead zones. It allows you to fish without wasting any time or feeling like you lost progress.

PiroX has over 30 fish locations on the map, and can be set to auto-load and auto-reload.

Read the file notes file (found in your WoW folder) to find out more information about the settings.


Originally this addon was created for Vanilla, however it has been tested and working on all later versions of WoW. To check if it is compatible with your WoW version, go to the console and type “pirox 0” with no quotes or after a space. It should have a return of 0 if it is compatible.


Simply extract the archive to your WoW directory. Double click on the.exe file to start the installation. You will be prompted to install the correct.dll and.lua files to your Wow directory.

Please note. If your Wow directory has the wrong path, or you are using extraction, then you must put the folder over the correct Wow directory. You can find out the correct Wow directory by searching “GetME” in WoW.

Using PiroX

This addon has 2 new settings available. One is “use bloodworm hotspots” and the other is “use the bloodworm stuff as bloodworm tips”. You can enable them by typing “pirox update” in the console. Then right click the desired settings and enable it.

Using the addon will now require a lot of text information which i have put into a file for you. To make it easier to read it, go to the World of Warcraft folder and make a new file with the extension ‘.txt’ and name it Fish Log.

Settings Menu

NAME: pirox

START POINT: /startPoint
END POINT: /endPoint
USE BLOODWORM HOTSPOTS: /boolean (true|false)
PIROX FILE: /pathname/file.txt


Ores: (not currently implemented)