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What are some “edge cases” that I need to watch out for when viewing images that are stored on the server?

That’s the question.
I’m building a website where I have several images stored on the server, which I need to display in one big image on the page.
What would be some situations that could lead to a “draggy” user experience, if there were some “edge cases” to watch out for?


Users may have problems with slow connections. They have to have a way of saying “give me a placeholder until the image comes back”. If you’re working with a dynamic serving of images you can build one in and this will give you a good indication of performance (it’s really easy to load an empty image and just use it to fill the height).
There’s the whole issue of bandwidth out of the equation as well. Unless your client has connection limits on the client machine I’d be surprised if that’s a relevant problem.


In addition to all the other answers, two more factors might come into play:

Images can be repeated within page layouts; in this case, the user may want to see what appears when the image is repeated. Depending on the responsiveness of the server, there may be a need to cache partial page layouts when the server is overloaded, and for some pages to fall back to a default image. Often this means that the image will have to be pulled from the cache, which will take some time.
Images can be subject to URL-rewriting; this can happen when a client’s request is directed to the wrong place (e.g., when a user hits the back button). Depending on the server, it might need to fall back to a default image or simply give a “file not found” message.


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I’m making a little RPN Converter in java, and i can’t get it to compile.
package erik.RPN;

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