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The $3$-dimensional sphere?

I’ve read some articles about the $3$-dimensional sphere, like Wikipedia, and I can tell it’s some kind of model. But I don’t get it. Could you explain it to me?


There’s no such thing as a “model” in mathematics.
The 3-dimensional sphere is the same as the 2-dimensional sphere, so just like there’s no two-dimensional sphere, there’s no 3-dimensional sphere, just the 2-dimensional sphere.


I think you may have misread the wikipedia entry, that says

However, the three-dimensional sphere cannot be compactified with points identified, because the sphere has no boundaries.

As a mathematical structure, the sphere is a manifold. Most mathematical structures are compact, and manifolds are a special class of compact manifolds.


Can I run my own wireless mikroTik router for my home?

I am building a small home network with 4 win7 pc’s connected to my internet connection and I’d like to use MikroTik RouterOS for it.
I have not used MikroTik before so I will probably need some help.
Will I be able to use my own ADSL connection and connect the pc’s to this wireless router (or just the router itself) and how?
In the video I’m watching it is showing a router connected to an ADSL modem. Is this generally the way it’s connected or can I use a router connected to my Internet connection and connect my PCs to this wireless router?


You’ll be able to use your own router and Internet connection for wireless networking. Your router may or may not have Ethernet ports but they are not required for the connection. It all depends on how the router is connected to the network.

Black River Colonies

Black River Colonies () is a commune (municipality) in the Landes department in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region in south-western France.

The inhabitants of the commune are known as Blackrivers

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