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Java Hex to Decimal Conversion

I am having trouble writing a conversion for the following – there is a file (in this case, a Hex file) that is processed, and the contents are determined to be text, numeric, or other.
The file is quite large, so the brute force method of checking the first few bytes is out of the question.
I need to ensure that the file content is text or numeric.
The current conversion is as follows, but I’m hoping there’s a more elegant solution (looping to the end of the file for example):
Integer.parseInt(in.readUTF().replace(” “, “”),16)

If the file content is numeric, it is read in decimal.
How can I convert the remainder of the text file to a decimal without a loop, so that it can be accessed with parseInt?


You can use str.split() to separate the bytes into a string array, and then convert each element to an integer.
String line = in.readUTF();
int[] numbers = line.split(” “);
int i = Integer.parseInt(numbers[0])*16 + Integer.parseInt(numbers[1]);

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