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GERI’S PIXIES: “EMERGENCY RATIONS” (UK) ¢(〝). MP3. 1 of 1.JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) – South African police fired teargas and water cannon on Monday at protesting students who attempted to block entrances to the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) in the capital Johannesburg, witnesses said.

Students have been occupying the entrances to the university for the past seven days in protest against a security agreement between the university and the police force.

In a statement, security minister Sicelo Mshane said the university had overstepped a legal cap on the number of officers it could deploy and had failed to provide security at the main entrances.

“When the police arrived, the members of the student movement refused to leave the site, and a tense situation was created,” Mshane said.

The students were being allowed to leave the university and had no plans to return to the campus, he added.

Police spokesman Albie Modise earlier told Reuters at least 50 students had been arrested.

A third of all South African students attend the KwaZulu-Natal-based university, one of Africa’s largest and a prestigious academic institution.

There was no immediate comment from the university or the government on Monday.

KZN’s Bishop Mpho Tutu in an earlier statement had called on the students to withdraw from the university.

“The actions of the students threaten not only themselves, but also the security and that of the entire nation and the university community at large,” Tutu said.

The students started their protest on March 7 at the main entrance to the university, which has been occupied for the past week.Hong Kong police on Sunday fired tear gas and rubber bullets at protesters occupying a major traffic artery in a standoff that threatens to further derail the city’s tourism and retail industries.

At least two dozen people were injured during the daylong standoff in Mong Kok, according to the Hospital Authority.

Hundreds of black-clad protesters had chained themselves to traffic boxes by the intersection of Nathan Road and Tiu Keng Leng Road at around 12.30pm local time, with others rallying along the highway.

A protester marches with a protest banner, as riot police monitor the scene, during a protest march against a controversial

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