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Java: Can you trace someone via their phone number without their knowledge or consent?

I was wondering whether or not you can trace someone’s phone number by using a statistical approach?
For instance, I know someone’s phone number and I dial it. After a set of random numbers, I trace a number. If the number rings then it is the same number. If it doesn’t, I look in a directory of numbers to find out who it is.
Is this possible or is it just a figment of my imagination?


If you have the phone number and your friends phone number you can do a reverse lookup. All public phone numbers are registered in the IANA phone number registry, so there’s not a lot to that.
If you can’t get hold of the phone number of the person you want to track you can use Google Voice (not affiliated, just know a couple of people with it) and send them a message and then check Google Voice for the number.


Wikipedia has a list of such services, but the real question is, is it legal? Is this really a service you can use? I’m not a lawyer.
For a quick example, when i was at university, and for similar reasons, I wanted to track where a number in my phone book went, so I’d know when it was being used, but I didn’t want it to be traced back to me. (I know everyone who uses a mobile is scarily likely to be traced back to you. But I wanted to go further than that, I wanted to do it anonymously.)
The service was called FreePhoneTracker, and it was based on the same idea as tracing a call, but they didn’t actually store the number, just the originating and destination numbers.
So, if you have a phone number and you want to check whether it has already been used, then

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