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Format decimal places for substring

i have a string variable
str = “2.746.000”;

I want to use the substring method to get

i have tried this
Input: str.substring(1,1);
Output: 2

then i try to get the number before the “.”
Input: str.substring(0,1);
Output: “2”

how can i get “2.746”?


When you call substring(), the first parameter (the start index) determines where to begin the substring.
If you want to grab the 2.746, you’ll need to get rid of the.000.
My guess is you want to get rid of everything up to and including the period, so you could change that first parameter to 0 to get rid of the period, then grab the number from the remaining string:
str.substring(0, 1)

Alternatively, if the only thing you want is the 2.746, then you can get rid of the period, the.000 and everything else after the period:
str.substring(1, 1)

If you need to manipulate the string after it’s been passed to substring(), it’s better to go with a regular expression to do this.
You can split the string at the period, then grab what’s between periods, then join the two portions back together. Something like:
var result = str.split(‘.’).join(”);


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