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Crack Keygen AutoCAD Mechanical 2015 Free Download

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4DForm crashes when using RunPostLoad() in C# (running in WPF)

I am attempting to create a WPF application that connects to a database via Entity Framework. My problem is that I am getting an error when debugging on the run post load method in EF: System.Data.MetadataException: The ‘Purity’ property on ‘System.Data.Entity.ModelConfiguration.Configuration.ObjectContext’ is set to the value ‘InstanceContext’. This property is only used in persistence by the CLR provider and should not be set in code.
Here’s my relevant code:
Class Library
public void CreateNewEntities()
using (var db = new Util.InstanceContext())
db.ObjectSet().Add(new MyClass { Id = 1, Name = “This is my test object” });

WPF Class
protected override void OnStartup(StartupEventArgs e)
IInstanceContext instanceContext = (