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Artis is a comprehensive production studio, offering recording, mixing and master services. The studio provides multiple outlets for artists and their teams to work with our studio level engineers and freelance engineers to capture every aspect of the performance. From introspective self recordings or intimate studio-honed music, to elaborate fully-produced music videos and surround sound disc productions, Artis can help you bring your vision to life.

Finding the Right Balance

To ensure the best balance of function and sound quality for your recordings, Artis builds each recording project with a lineup of studio and freelance musicians, including your desired balance of budget, style and location. Whether you are recording in a studio or at your home or business, Artis can establish a studio/home or small studio/smaller studio setup that is ideally suited to your needs. We offer recording services in accordance with federal and state laws, and offer equipment rental options to reduce your overall studio costs.

Ready for Recording

The Artis studio has state of the art equipment and software for recording in studios as small as 300 square feet all the way up to the art studio of a full size recording facility. Our studios allow complete access to all the equipment needed in the recording process. In addition, our equipment and services are designed to accommodate a wide variety of recording needs – from full scale multi-track studio operations to solo/duo home recording, live, event and commercial studio recording, to surround-sound mixing and mastering. We have equipment and expertise in the following areas:

Studio and home recording and live sound

Multi-track recording

Suite recording and mixing

Recorded and mixed music disc productions

Instrumental recording and mixing

Surround sound recording and mixing


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Since the installation and use of the appliance must be compatible with DDoS, we. where the flow of hot-spot attacks is merely.Ultra Maniacs

Ultra Maniacs (originally abbreviated to UMR) was a Canadian animated series from Teletoon which aired in Canada beginning in 2007. It was created by Super Digital Studio and Lido Group and designed by David Lenzo and Tom Nook. It was inspired by the 1999 film The Iron Giant, which featured an animated Mark Linkly as a human soldier. However, UMR is a television show and Linkly is a robot. It is notable for being the first series to be broadcast on Teletoon (which was called Treehouse TV at the time).

The show centers around a team of robotic heroes called the Ultra Maniacs. They often fight alongside and work alongside other heroes, including fellow robots named P.A.L.M.U.M. and N.I.D.E.R., and sometimes come across different types of monsters and aliens.


The Ultra Maniacs are a group of robotic heroes created by Dr. Motos, their creator, who happens to be a mad scientist. They are led by the Chief of Ultra-Maniac, a robot named HA-HA who is an alter-ego of Dr. Motos, and occasionally assisted by his assistant, Junior, a robot equipped with Junior’s true robot personality. There are four Ultra Maniacs: ARCHA, Captain-Mute, Dr. Motos, and Mega-Mutant.

Each Ultra Maniac has a different personality and is designed to be a different type of “hero”. They are each named with a series of four letters and each has a tagline relating to the personality.

ARCHA, the leader of the Ultra Maniacs, is a warrior and