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Is “the Bit Uno” used for humans?

The Bit Uno (a Super Smash Bros. series-included fighter) has an interaction with Luigi. While Luigi is holding the Bit Uno, the player can hit it with the B button (from a stand-still) and the Uno will start bashing the Luigi-character.

Is this interaction something that has an English name? I’m wondering if it’s called something like “the B button bash” or “the B button pound.” I couldn’t find anything related in the game’s manual, so I’d appreciate it if anyone could point me in the right direction or answer this for me.


A quick look at the Super Smash Bros Wikia gives a couple of possible names:

Pinna Smash

I think it’s the third one, though I’m not 100% sure.

Static and dynamic head-related transfer functions before and after cochlear implantation.
Objective measures of speech perception before and after cochlear implantation (CI) may be useful for preoperative counseling and postoperative evaluation of surgical outcomes. No previous studies have examined the change in head-related transfer function (HRTF) values after CI, using a virtual reality (VR) test paradigm. Forty-eight patients with bilateral CIs were assessed using a VR test paradigm before implantation and after at least 6 months of continuous use of the implant. Simultaneous bilateral HRTF measurements of speech perception were obtained and compared before and after implantation. In addition, monaural HRTF measurements were obtained in 36 of these patients at pre- and postoperative time points. Finally, monaural standard score (SS) values were calculated for each patient before and after surgery. After CI, the bilateral and monaural measures of HRTF differed significantly before and after implantation. These measures were significantly better for the implanted ear than the nonimplanted ear, but not better for the implanted ear than the nonimpl