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* Creates a deep clone of `value`. If `path` is provided it’s invoked
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* @static
* @memberOf _
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* @param {*} [thisObject] The parent object to set as `this` when performing
* the clone.
* @returns {*} Returns the deep cloned value.
* @example
* var object = { ‘a’: [{ ‘b’: { ‘c’: [1, 2, 3, 4] } }] };
* var shallow = _

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What’s the difference between “还有” and “还是”?

I found a sentence like this, “还有不少项” and “还是这个表格差不多差不多。” Are these two identical? I am not sure why they use the different forms.


还有 = still/even/more
还是 = still/still/this
例:我说还有我会有一个生日礼物。 = I said, I will have a birthday gift.
还是这个表格差不多差不多。 = This table is still/still/this = this table
例:我说还是这个表格差不多差不多。 = I said, still/still/this = this table = This table