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Add a ServiceReference

I’m creating a simple service reference (WCF) for the first time on a new project. I’ve added all the references with no trouble and created a service contract by following this guide:
My methods work fine and I can successfully call them. The problem is that the service gets registered in my Add Service Reference window as a service reference, where it is listed as not mapped.
The point is, I want to have it configured as a service reference instead. I’ve tried updating the service with a generated proxy file, and opening that in my WCF service project. The error that I get is:
Cannot import a project that is not supported by the selected target framework.
This is as I should expect, since it is a WCF service reference, not a WCF service. How can I get this to work?


The steps you’ve taken to create a WCF service reference are correct.
Here is the important information to be taken note of when doing this:

Visual Studio Creates a project file as a.NET Framework 3.5/WCF-style Service Application Project.
When Visual Studio creates a WCF-style Service Application project, the
reference item in the Add Service Reference dialog includes the
following option:

Add Service Reference: The project you
are creating is a WCF-style Service Application project, not a WCF
Service project.

However, the WCF Service project has already been configured to reference an existing service when you launch it from the project properties (right click on the project in the Solution Explorer and select Properties).
This information is provided by Visual Studio so that you can create the project you want with the WCF-style Service Application Template with Visual Studio.
Hope this helps,

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