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Sep 27, 2013

I Got 4 Points?

TMI: I had IVF back in 2009, 2009, 2009, and 2007. As soon as this cycle of IVF ended, I was pregnant and got pregnant with a healthy little boy. Then, I had another IVF cycle in 2010, and got pregnant again. This time I had twins, boys! Then, 2011, 2012, 2013. My last cycle in June of 2013 had our smallest babies, and I had four points on my chart. I was SO excited about this. I had not had a pregnancy since my very first cycle. I really didn’t know if it was really possible this time around.

Let me just say that it is crazy how different things seem between my first cycle of IVF, and the last one. So, the conversation goes a little something like this:

Friend: “Does it really not matter if it’s twins or not?”

Me: “Nope. They just need the fastest possible conception.”

Friend: “So they shouldn’t even try?”

Me: “Nope, can’t stress the importance of the fast bit. I don’t do that for the next 4 months and then we’ll time the conception. I just do it for 4 weeks. Won’t do anything for longer than that.”

So, we waited the shortest amount of time for conception because I wanted to get pregnant fast and I wanted to have twins. The ultrasounds showed that there was one embryo in the uterus and my endometrial lining was very thin so we got excited, I got super-excited, and we started trying to get pregnant.

After about 2 weeks of trying, I had no periods or anything. I wasn’t confused, it wasn’t freaking out, and I knew that this meant I

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